The first of many one-shot Guild Larp events!

Monday the 19th at 7:30 pm! $10 entry (or $5 if you're a member), and we've got 12 slots. Read on adventurer - if this interests you, drop by the guild and RSVP!

THE TRIBUNAL is a Norwegian-style LARP (a rules-light live action role-playing game) where YOU get to step into the shoes of soldiers in a dystopian future government. Some among you have been accused of stealing bread. Your game is a conversation, in character, about what to do. You have one hour.

No dice. Few rules. Just one sheet of paper to give you a brief rundown of your character. The rest is improv. It's easy.


First-timers are more than welcome. Light costuming is not necessary, but certainly encouraged! Drinks and food to be sold after the event. ♥